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First let me state that I did not ANY of the Superman books leading up to this storyline. However I just this 4 part story just did not make sense  
I understand the concept of detailing a 100 minute war in the span of 4 books, and frankly I can't fault the execution because you do feel the moments of chaos and appreciate the scope of the Kryptonian attack on earth. 
But there were moments like theUrsa's assualt on the  White House, that just did not present a clear chain of events. 
I think it was more due to the depending on the use of "NEWS REPORTS" to set the scene as opposed to using the art. 
One panel you see her flying into attack, the second we see  decimated smoking white house in  the backgroud with Ursa holding a defeated Agent Liberty ( and when exactly did A.L. become  a female??) 
Next, this felt less like a tale of Superman fighting impossible odds, but more of a chance to bring Supergirl to the spotlight. Which is fine, because I am tired of seeing her crying when she is losing a fight...oh wait...nevermind 
Being that Supergirl was present at most of the major points in the story, it just seemed she was meant to have some break out moments, but they just fell flat 
And lastly my biggest gripe is Superman's character here. He has been the Last Son of Krypton for most of his adult life, and aside from a sprinkling of characters he has been holding true to this nickname 
So I understand they are  being led by ZOD, to me he would display more anger towards the events that lead to the final fate of New Krypton.  
His adoptive world with the help of his greatest enemy essentially commit genocide to his people. And I just did not believe the emotional element to the story.
Overall I have to give this 2.5 stars based on the fact this was a tale that could have been amazing, but was killed over the concept of a 100 minute war. Frankly if this was called the War of the Supermen in a Supergirl book, I would be more understanding 
I would have liked to see this is a 6 book format maybe that would have provided the space and time needed to establish the emotional element of the story as well as provide a satisfying conclusion the off panel fights and a cheap suicide that cheats you of any real closure to the death and destruction in this "Epic Saga" 

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