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Man I Was Afraid of This

I started reading this at the beginning of basically everything. Was there for Kandor and it's release, Zor-El's death, New Krypton, and Thara and Chris becoming Flamebird and Nightwing. When i first started reading all the Superman titles, and read all this happening, I had fears in the back of my head about how this whole debacle would end. Unfortanitly, it ended how I thought it would end.  
As the issues winded down, and all the unraveling started happening, it seemed the writers only had intentions of going nowhere with the story. Even Alura's death seemed just another way of bringing the Superman titles back to how they were before.  Everyone went back to where they were before Kandor's release. 
Mon-El and Chris Kent are back in the Phantom Zone. General Lane's back to being dead. . . again.
It never occured to me how lack luster this all happened. Even the death of a really interesting character seemed dull and with no real impact.  Each character is back to what they were, except for Kandor, which is now gone.  That's the only thing that signifigantly changed in Superman's world.   
The artwork was also shoty on a lot of occasions, not only in this issue, but also in issues 2 and 3. It seemed at some points unrealisty and lazily done. 
The last few pages seemed so corny and cheesey that I put the issue down dissapointed.  I was really sad to see how this all turned out, but i guess that's what had to happen.  On that note, I reluctantly enjoyed this storyline overall.   
Just for the fact that I've read all the issues, and know what happens and how it happens and really grow to like the characters is why I'm giving this such a high rating.  If i hadn't this serious would've no doubtedly got a 2 out of 5.  But I love the characters in this series, and just becaus of that, Superman: War of the Supermen Issue 4 of 4 gets a depressing 3 out of 5.

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