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The Battle for Earth! All of Earth's heroes must make one last stand against the Kryptonians while Superboy and Steel try exposing the evils of General Lane! But will they be branded traitors?


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Apparently, War Really Is Good For Absolutely Nothing 0

I'm surprised to admit this, but I'm getting pretty sick of all the death in DC comics lately. Between this and Cry for Justice, the body count DC writer James Robinson alone has must be well over 100,000 and probably over 200,000. It has all become very desensitizing. After all the deaths in Star City, the destruction of so many faceless Kryptonians along with New Krypton at the start of this story barely registered.   This issue continues upping the body count with more recognizable faces. It'...

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For whom the bell tolls 0

 Speed review!  It is short and sweet!      We are "watching" the death of a people here.  The writing has made me feel sorry for the Kryptonians and happy that they are getting what they deserve by attacking the Earth.  But much like soliders of any planet or country they are just following the orders they are given.  Their motivation is clear.  Zod and Lane saw to that.  Destroy my planet and I am pretty motivated to kill you.  So motivation and emotions are high on both sides.  Earths heroes...

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Short and Not So Sweet 0

Sometimes I really do not understand what goes on inside the creative minds behind DC.  Here we have the potential for a truly great and involved story and yet I'm left feeling unsatisfied with almost every aspect of this story arc thus far.     The ArtThis is one of the few things I've actually really enjoyed.  Everything has been very well drawn and I really feel like they've done a great job of capturing the emotions in the faces of the characters.  LengthThese issues and the event in general...

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