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Treasury Edition.

The first DC/Marvel crossover pits the comic book heavyweights Superman and Spider-Man against each other. Co-published by Marvel and DC.

Marvel and DC had collaborated on MGM's "Marvellous Wizard of Oz" the previous year - but this was something else - a truly momentous cross over which merited the hype it generated.The tale was written by Gerry Conway and drawn by Ross Andru, both among the few to have worked on both Superman and Spider-Man in their regular titles. The 96 page story put the heroes into conflict with one another following the malevolent manoeuvrings of Lex Luthor and Doctor Octopus.

The diabolical duo kidnapped Lois Lane and Mary Jane Watson, then somehow made Superman and Spider-Man both think the other one was responsible. Luthor and Doctor Octopus also imbued the unknowing web-spinner with a temporary boost of power so that he could hold his own against the Man of Steel - and gave readers a more even sided fight. Fortunately, once that wore off, cooler heads saw reason. Joining forces, the heroes tracked down their enemies, just as Luthor was about to take control of the world's weather. Naturally, Doctor Octopus betrayed his ally, giving Spider-Man the advantage he needed to apprehend him and Luthor while Superman stopped a tidal wave from laying waste to the East Coast.

Many talents from both DC and Marvel contributed to this landmark publication - in addition to inker Dick Giordano, Neal Adams provided several re-drawings of Superman while John Romita Senior worked on numerous Peter Parker / Spider-Man likenesses. The book itself, spearheaded by Carmine Infantino and Stan Lee, also went through several edits on both sides. The result was a defining moment in Bronze Age Comics, and set a precedent for many more future company crossovers.


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