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Regurgitating Kryptonians

This issue opens with the big reveal that Cheryl Kimble is this stories obligatory idiot, who wants to use the Alien as a weapon.  She stops Lois from taking a kill shot at the Alien, leaving it alive for Lois and the crew to take it down again. 
   Back on Argo city, Superman wakes up to find a dead facehugger next to him. After he regroups with Kara they surmize that both of them have been impregnated. Soon after that they learn Superman has been impregnated with a queen. 
  The crew back on the space station go after the adult Alien, but find they are also fighting against Cheryl Kimble who sabotages them along the way.   
   Soon Superman and Kara find a way to get themselves off of Argo City, but that is not good enough for Superman as he allso searches for a way to save Karas life.      
An Interesting choice of images. I have noticed that Superman has not really enjoyed a hero shot. The closest he comes to it is issue one. Even then he is dimunitive compared to the Alien.  Still, there seems to have been more thought placed on this cover than in other books. 
 The art in the 3rd book ends up being stronger than the first two issues. I would credit the use of shadows giving us a stronger feeling of dread. The art now has the depth that the story has had. Giving us a sense of forbodding. 
Of course the darkness before the dawn feeling of the book helps. As a matter of fact, things get so bleek, that the final solution comes across as a Deus Ex Machina. Still, watching the way Superman finally gets rid of the alien inside of him is worth the price of admission for all three books.

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