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    Unchained awesome!

    Warning minor Spoilers.

    Okay let me start this by saying I'm not an expert on Superman Nor have I ever been a really big Superman fan. But I liked Man of Steel so when I saw the name Snyder on this I had to get it. I have to say it's very interesting to see the stages on how artist work on a book. I also enjoyed the pictures showing the different incarnations of Superman at the back. Now onto the Story itself.

    I have to say it's not what I expected. I had actually expected this to be a tie-in to the movie and it turns out it's not. There is some definite mystery being put in. There's also this weird thing about Superman not working for the Daily Planet that flies right over my head but that's just a weird thing I noted.

    There's a mystery about someone who's been around for even longer than Superman and him working for the military. I found this to be a very good issue and I definitely want to see how this unfolds. A weird thing I have to note is I'm hearing all this talk about new 52 Superman being a jerk but I'm not seeing that.

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