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We've had an Adventuring Superman, a Man of Steel Superman and a Superman. I guess we needed an Unchained Superman too.

Scott Snyder and Jim Lee team up to create a SUPERMAN comic book. Yeah, so that sounds cool.

The Good

The bomb that dropped on Nagasaki in WW2 was actually a person?
The bomb that dropped on Nagasaki in WW2 was actually a person?

One of the things I did enjoy about this first issue was the premise that Scott Snyder built. I will say that the beginning [taking place in the past] was confusing at first, however it all made sense in the end. Drawing to the conclusion that America has its own super weapon. That one thing was good enough for me to continue reading this issue and picking up the ladder issues of this series.

You really don't need to know what is going on in other SUPERMAN titles to enjoy this series. While that would be great. It isn't necessary. This is more welcoming for newer readers that just want to read a good Superman story. Scott Snyder did a fantastic job at welcoming new readers, instead of scaring them away with story elements that take place in a different series.

I will say that getting to the end of the story was a bit slow. I'm not gonna say I didn't enjoy it, but I also didn't like it. There comes a time and a place for Superman to show that he's super smart and superior than everyone. However, there is also a time that I want to see Superman punch something hard and repeatedly. Both qualities, the super smartness and the punching of objects, is in this issue, but I'm really looking forward to Superman fighting America's Super weapon (and no that is not a spoiler).

Jim Lee's artwork is perfect. He always knows how to capture the best of each character he draws and pays attention detail in everything he draws. The colors by Alex Sinclair work perfectly with the inks by Scott Williams and overall compliment Jim Lee's abilities as an artist. I continue to enjoy everything he's drawn.

The Bad

There was a ministory called, Epilogue, that might not be an actual ministory. With the story being written by Scott Snyder and artwork by Dustin Nguyen. It really made no sense to have this story at the end of the issue, because the ending of the main story in this issue was good enough to get readers coming back for the second issue. If this ministory was in the main story somehow, it would've been better, but that is not how things turned out.

The Verdict

I won't say that this is a must have Superman title, but it is enjoyable read to own. Scott Snyder does a great job at writing Superman and does not make the Man of Steel more dark, and brooding, like his Dark Knight in the BATMAN title. Also, Jim Lee's artwork is great [as usual] because of his portrayal of the characters and how he just makes the heroes look so cool with silhouetted faces. Only Jim Lee can make Superman look scary with a silhouette face and his eyes lit up. Overall pick up this series if you enjoy Snyder's writing or love Lee's artwork. Overall 3 out of 5.

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