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With their wedding nearly 60 years in the making, Clark Kent and Lois Lane finally tied the proverbial knot in a 91 page one-shot that let readers delve right into their special day. Not an imaginary story and not a dream sequence, "The Wedding Album" delighted fans as DC finally married off its most renown icon. Written and drawn by a slew of of the most influential people in the Man of Steel's life, the issue was delivered in style, available in a news stand edition featuring a cover by John Byrne - the writer / artist who reinvented Superman for a new generation in 1986's "Man of Steel" - as well as in an all white, embossed, prestige format version.

The behind the scenes talent on this monumental issue appropriately spanned several generations of the Man of Tomorrow's career. Written by Dan Jurgens, Karl Kesel, David Michelenie, Loise Simonson and Roger Stern, the one-shot featured the art of John Byrne, Gil Kane, Stuart Immonen, Paul Ryan, Jon Bogdanove, Kieron Dwyer, Tom Grummett, Dick Giiordano, JIm Mooney, Curt Swan, Nick Cardy, Al Plastino, Barry Kitson, Ron Frenz and Dan Jurgens. A highlight of the art was the final 3-page pull out image, featuring Clark and Lois' firat kiss and husband and wife in a church full of real life DC Comics professionals, including editor MIke Carlin, President Jeanette Khan and Publisher Paul Levitz.

Superman the Wedding Album told the tale of a recently de-powered Clark Kent, who was still feeling the effects of the Final Night events, and featured a unique story chock-full of characterization. As Lois searched for the perfect dress and recounted Superman adventures of days gone by, Superman was paid a visit by Batman, who assured his old ally that Metropolis would be cared for during Clark's upcoming honeymoon. After a quick visit from the extra-dimensional imp Mr Mxyzptlk, Clark and Lois finally tied the knot, surrounded by their closest friends and family.

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