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    Volume » Published by DC Comics. Started in 1991.

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    Starring: Clark Kent / Kal-El as Superman

    Since the mid 1980s revival of the Superman franchise, the Man of Steel had appeared in stories 3 times a month in the pages of Superman, Adventures of Superman and Action Comics. But as the titles began to carry stories into each other's issues, and triangle numbers appeared on their covers, indicating the order in which to read Superman's exploits, DC editorial saw the chance to give their lead hero a 4th ongoing monthly book. Superman: The Man of Steel was born, with the opening issue written by Louise Simonson and drawn by Jon Bogdanove, Tom Grummett, Bob Mcleod and Dan Jurgens.

    Annuals collected under Superman: The Man of Steel Annual.


    • Louise Jones Simonson #0-56, 59-83, 86
    • Roger Stern #57
    • Tom Peyer #58, 92
    • Mark Waid #58, 73
    • Ron Marz #84
    • Jon Bogdanove #85
    • Mark Schultz #87-90, 93, 95-112, 114-120, 122-128, 130-132, 134
    • John Rozum #91
    • Randall Frenz #94
    • Ron Frenz #94
    • Marv Wolfman #113
    • Geoff Johns #121, 133
    • Chuck Austen #129
    • Karl Kesel #1,000,000
    • Jerry Ordway #1,000,000


    Collected Editions


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