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Brainiac's spaceship attacks Metropolis. As Superman and Earth's mightiest heroes confront the invasion, they learn that Brainiac has control of Warworld, Draaga, Maxima and Supergirl.

Panic In The Sky: First Strike

At Cadmus Labs, Dubbilex is the first to sense of Brainiac’s presence near Earth.

Kent and are having breakfast in a cafeteria, when suddenly a loud explosion shakes the city. Brainiac has sent forth his dreaded Headship to destroy the city. Superman comes out to attack the Headship, but it senses his presence and blasts him away with a particle beam.

Professor Hamilton knows that Superman will need help, so he dresses up to go to S.T.A.R. Labs, and gather machinery. He meets Bibbo and Jimmy on his way. Jimmy is gearing up to sell his rare pictures to the Daily Planet and get back his job.

Meanwhile, the Headship is causing massive destruction throughout the city. Superman takes his only chance to get inside the ship and disable it. He blasts a side of the ship and gets inside, but is immediately attacked by a horde of robots. He deals with them and gets into the central chamber, only to find it empty.

Elsewhere, Gangbuster shows up inside a school and saves the children before they are crushed under the falling debris.

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But Superman is suddenly attacked with a psionic wave from Brainiac. He is almost down on his knees, but with telepathic help from Dubbilex and amplified sound from Bibbo, he is able to overcome the assault. He comes out and tosses the Headship into the ocean. He receives telepathic warning from Brainiac, who threatens to conquer Earth.

Brainiac has recruited Maxima, Matrix and Draaga to stand against our heroes.

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