Superman: The Man of Steel #40

    Superman: The Man of Steel » Superman: The Man of Steel #40 - Mind Games released by DC Comics on January 1995.

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    Following the revelation of the identity of the villain responsible for the body in Superman's tomb, Metropolis comes under siege by swarming bizarre, unfathomable beasts.

    While Brainiac fights the Forever People to escape from New Genesis, the Daily Planet family attends the funeral of Keith’s mother. Brainiac creates a surrogate, a female creature with an exposed brain, that turns others into her brain creatures. These brain creatures attack Superman, but only he can see them. The rest of the people of Metropolis believe Superman is going insane. The surrogate possesses Lois Lane, intent on trying to trick Superman into killing her. Lois, though, resists, and forces her possessed body to hug Superman. Superman, knowing the body he is hugging is familiar, realizes that whoever is responsible for Superman’s recent madness is trying to make him kill Lois. The creature possessing Lois is expelled, and Superman and Lois face the true threat behind the Dead Again! story arc.


    • "DC Universe 25" "What Exactly Does an Inker Do?"a one page text piece with four panels of the same artwork. The first panel is the penciller's work the next three panels are inked by three different inkers to show the different styles of ink work on the artwork. The artwork was penciled by Jim Balent and inked by Scott Hanna, Gerry Fernandez and Jed Hotchkiss. The artwork was from Detective Comics #660.
    • Triangle 1995 #1.
    • Chronological continuation from Action Comics #705.
    • Chronological continuation in Superman #96.

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