Superman: The Man of Steel #39

    Superman: The Man of Steel » Superman: The Man of Steel #39 - Life or Death released by DC Comics on December 1994.

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    Still unable to solve the mystery of the body in his tomb, Superman confronts the vegetating Lex Luthor to determine if his archenemy holds the secret.

    Superman returns to Metropolis, convinced Eradicator is not behind the duplicate corpse of Superman found at Centennial Park. With Eradicator ruled out, his next suspects are Luthor and Brainiac. Superman heads to S.T.A.R. Labs, to look in on a comatose Luthor. Superman arrives just in time to stop some edgy S.T.A.R. Labs guards from firing on orphan Keith. Keith snuck into S.T.A.R. Labs to help prove that the corpse was not the real Superman. Before seeing Luthor, Emil Hamilton runs tests to prove Superman is the real Superman. While the tests process, Superman discovers Luthor is still comatose, and believes he is not behind the dead Superman ruse. However, Hamilton’s tests show something off with the living Superman. Meanwhile, Alice White tells Perry about her desire to adopt Keith, and young Keith discovers his crack-addicted real mother passed out on the street.


    • "Cover was penciled by Jon Bogdanove (with thanks to Michael Golden.)"
    • Cover color-separated by Brett Breeding.
    • Curtis King credited as cover editor.
    • Keith Parks' drug addict mother dies of A.I.D.S.
    • "DC Universe 23" one page advertisement piece made to look like the front page of the Daily Planet with information on Deathstroke.
    • Triangle 1994 #45.
    • Chronological continuation from Action Comics #704.
    • Chronological continuation in Superman #95.


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