Superman: The Man of Steel #37

    Superman: The Man of Steel » Superman: The Man of Steel #37 - Countdown to Zero released by DC Comics on September 1994.

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    Superman gets a message, and goes to meet Batman, who wants to discuss some time anomaly he has noticed in Gotham City. Unfortunately, their meeting is interrupted… by Batman! They discover a second Dark Knight, one reminiscent of Frank Miller’s Dark Knight Returns. A temporal anomaly is evident, especially when the trio find a third Batman. As Superman and Emil Hamilton investigate, they find the Batmen shifting into various versions of Batman throughout his publishing history. Meanwhile, the Mutants from Dark Knight Returns have also appeared, and threaten an outdoor concert attended by the Daily Planet staff. Superman and the three Batmen stop the Mutants, and the Batmen fade from the timeline. Superman goes to meet the real Batman to figure out what is going on.


    • "DC Universe 19" one page advertisement piece with information on the upcoming Zero Hero mini-series. Plus, San Diego Comic-Con 1994. Included are dates, times and location of the convention.
    • A Zero Hour crossover issue.
    • Read Zero Hour #4 in conjunction with this issue.
    • Triangle 1994 #33.
    • Chronological continuation from Action Comics #702.
    • Chronological continuation in Superman #93.

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