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Flashpoint, a flammable being from another dimension, is being tricked into committing arson--all while Superman struggles to return Professor Hamilton to Earth from Flashpoint's dimension.

Maxima learns from the Overseer that Braniac’s Headship is attacking Warworld’s power generators. Maxima knows that this is Superman’s doing. She instructs her unit to lash out at he ship. But Supergirl appears and asks them to stop. Maxima uses her telepathic powers to bring Kara down.

Meanwhile, Superman is attacked by the mind-controlled heroes. He is overpowered quickly. All the heroes attack him simultaneously. Braniac tells superman that he will destroy him. He also adds of his plans to destroy the others.

Dubbilex and Draaga free Metron, Lightray and Orion. Dubbilex informs them of Superman’s plight. Draaga rushes away to help Superman. Dubbilex telepathically informs Kilowog and the Metal-Men of Superman’s plight and asks them to help. He proceeds to inform Captain Marvel, Infinity Man, Big Barda and Mr. Miracle about Superman. They too get together to help Superman.

Maxima is holding Supergirl captive. Kara pleads her to let her help Superman. When Maxima asks for a good reason, Kara tells her that Superman can be her “mate” in the future. Maxima weighs her options and releases Kara.

The remaining heroes come to help Superman. Metron arrives and asks for a mind-control device as a sample for him to develop a jamming device. He gets one soon and laughs maniacally before requesting Kilowog’s help. Orion knows that the laugh is not good for Braniac.

Meanwhile, on Earth, Jimmy is capturing live video footage of the war when his helicopter is hit. It falls into the ocean but Aquaman saves them.

Supergirl arrives to save Superman. Draaga has developed a soft corner for her and regrets that his duel with Superman would make her hate him. He is absorbed in thoughts when he is hit from behind. Supergirl gets into the line of fire to save Draaga. Draaga knows that he must prove worthy of that honor and attacks Braniac’s hordes with double the zeal.

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Braniac knows that Metron has nearly completed constructing the telepathic nullifier. So he lets loose the Doomsday Weapon upon the heroes. The anti-matter weapon fires but misses Metron. But the blast destroys a few cities. Supergirl is furious. She is about to make a sacrifice by plugging the nozzle of the weapon. But Draaga intervenes. He tells that it is an honor to die to further a good cause. With that he gets into the line of fire to disrupt the robot’s attack and dies.

Metron and Kilowog complete constructing the nullifier. Dubbilex wears it and focuses his energies to free all the heroes. Superman instructs them to blast a portion of Warworld’s surface. Then he asks Guy and Kilowog to use their rings to hurl the robot into distant space. The doomsday robot goes up with a massive explosion in deep space.

Kilwog uses his ring to resurrect Draaga’s body. Supergirl is in tears and vows to fight as Draaga for the rest of the war. Maxima comes forward and asks for a chance to fight beside them. Guy is furious but Supergirl intervenes, saying that Maxima had helped her previously. Maxima vows to fight till death.

Braniac sees all of this and laughs. Warworld has already achieved orbit outside Earth. Braniac plans to shrink Earth’s major cities. He will do this to make Earth surrender to his will.



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