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    "Peer Pressure" part 1! Someone's cutting Clark Kent's face out of childhood photos...and trying to kill him, too! Who is this new menace?

    The issue begins with a quick recap of Superman’s origin: the destruction of Krypton, his landing in Smallville, and his discovery by Jonathan and Martha Kent. Cut to modern day Metropolis, where Superman returns to the loving arms of Lois Lane after patrol. Over the course of the day, Clark Kent finds various pictures from his time in Smallville with his face burned out. This, combined with various “accidents” that target Clark, makes Superman suspicious. Meanwhile, an armored figure watches Clark’s every move. When an orphanage is burned, and is an obvious trap for Clark, Superman finds a connection with one of the photos. He suspects his old Smallville friend Kenny Braverman may be behind it.


    • The doorman at 344 Clinton Street was Mrs. Weisinger a possible homage to Silver Age Superman editor Mort Weisinger.
    • Lana Lang and Pete Ross cameo flashback appearances.
    • A Zero Hour crossover issue.
    • Triangle 1994 #37.
    • Chronological continuation from Action Comics #703.
    • Chronological continuation in Superman #0.

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