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    Last Family of Krypton

    Superman, also known as Clark Kent and, Kal-El, has been one of the most noticeable icons in comic book history. Since coming to Earth under his “Last Son of Krypton” persona, he’s adopted more and more of an “earthling lifestyle”, even getting married to an Earth women, whom is also famous across the Comic Universe, her name Lois Lane. Superman survived the explosion of Krypton, and landed on Earth; he was then adopted by Martha and Jonathan Kent in a town called Smallville.   Since coming to Earth; Superman has endured many challenges including the likes of long time foes Lex Luthor, Braniac, Darksied and Doomsday. Time and Time again he has prevailed in his efforts to keep the Planet that orphaned him safe.

    However, this review isn’t JUST about Superman, In “Superman the last family of Krypton” the whole history of Kal-El is completely rewritten and we get a unique turn of events resulting in what I think is a great story idea. In the first issue, we see that not only Kal-el has survived the explosion on Krypton but his mother and his father have as well. They appear on Earth and are instantly treated like Gods; Being the humble people that they are; Jor El and Lara request to be treated like regular indivuals. Although they live in a heavily secluded tower, and have technology far more advance then that of the Earthlings; they find out that with having Super Powers it’s hard to gain some privacy.   Fearing that Ka-el would not receive a fair chance at a normal life Lara, decides to put him up for adoption; who’s the lucky couple that get’s to take care of the young Kryptonian? Martha and Jonathan Kent that’s who.  

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    As Jor-El continues working with his own company (Called Jorcorp), Lara becomes a book writer preaching about the wonders of Rao (Raology). However nothing gold can stay; the relationship between Lara and Jor-el gets a bit rocky when; Jor El get’s upset about “Clark” living with the Kent’s. The two eventually reconcile and we see a pregnant Lara in labor at the Kent’s home.

    What makes this issue so great IMO, is that I think it accurately displays how Lara and Jor El’s life would be had they actually made it to Earth with Kal-El. They are accepted into society, but instantly made celebrities. The fame places struggle on the relationships between the parents. (Comparable to that of the Hollywood couples in RL). Although it’s essentially a “What if story” Two things remain constant, both the El’s and the Kent’s keep the same persona from that of the original story; you know humble people who are content with what they do. Two, everything happens as if this WERE the actual storyline, Kal-EL is a Kent, he goes to Smallville Elementary; and he has met Lana and Lex.  Renato Arlem’s art is readable and the writing by Corey Bates isn’t bad either.

    For those of you who have read; what do you think about the series so far? If you haven’t read, based on the review, do you think that if Lara and Jor EL came to Earth with Kal- EL he’d take a back burner to his parents?

    Issue # 2 comes out next Month, 

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      DC has finally revived the comatose Elseworlds imprint, its last foray being, unofficially, Batman: Year 100 (although you could count the Teen Titans Lost Annual, as that was SUPPOSED to be an Elseworlds). It's honestly one of the smartest moves they've made in years, and I'm thankful for it as I am a huge fan of Elseworlds. Of course, it doesn't come close to making up for that unnatural abomination Rise of Arsenal.  The premise here is that Jor-El actually managed to get his family off of Kry...

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