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  1. "Smoking is for Squares!" (public service message / written by Jack Schiff)
  2. "Jimmy Olsen, the Bizarro Boy!" (part 1) "Exiled on the Bizarro World!" (part 2) written by Jerry Siegel, penciled by John Forte and inked by George Klein. (starring Jimmy Olsen, Superman, Lois Lane, Perry White, Professor Potter, Bizarro, Lana Lang, Lucy Lane, (Bizarros of: Jimmy, Lois, Perry, Lana, Lucy, Krypto, Lex Luthor, Professor Potter.), Jimmy Olsen Fan Club, Daily Planet, Bizarro World, Blue Kryptonite) Professor Potter invents a machine that will reverse Bizarros. Jimmy tries it on with a Bizarro mask, and gets turned into a real Bizarro! Then Bizarro takes who is now Bizarro Jimmy back to Bizarro World! Reprinted in Superman: The Amazing Transformations of Jimmy Olsen.
  3. "Jimmy Olsen's Strangest Transformations" 1/3 page text piece.
  4. "Jimmy Olsen's Double-Trouble!" written by Jerry Siegel, penciled and inked by George Papp. (Jimmy Olsen, Superman, Perry White, Daily Planet) Jimmy is kidnapped and replaced by a look alike!

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