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“GENOCIDE SPRAY!” Superman and Jimmy Olsen take on a host of monsters from the small world of Transilvane! Plus, the Newsboy Legion in “THE ROOKIE TAKES THE RAP!”

  1. Cover by Jack Kirby, Murphy Anderson, Neal Adams and Mike Royer.
  2. "Genocide Spray!" written and penciled by Jack Kirby, heads of Superman and Jimmy Olsen by Murphy Anderson and inked by Vince Colletta. Dabney Donovan is only mentioned in this story. Reprinted in Jimmy Olsen: Adventures by Jack Kirby #2 and Jack Kirby's Fourth World Omnibus #2.
  3. "The Alien Thing!!!" written and penciled by Jack Kirby and inked by Vince Colletta. A 2 page "Strange Stories of the D.N.A. Project".
  4. "The Rookie takes the Rap" "A Kirby Classic" Reprinted from Star Spangled Comics #9 to include the cover.

"Genocide Spray!"

Jimmy and Superman are baffled about the miniature planet that they have just discovered. They see a film projector that shows old monster movies all the time.

They meet more monsters, and are gassed in to unconsciousness.

In a different location, The Newsboy legion plan to give what`s worth, to the killer of the first Golden Guardian. But he is instead, killed by his own with an explosion, because he accidentally gave away, that Intergang has something to with the murder of The Guardian.

Meanwhile, our heroes are getting the hat of their mysterious foes. Then they notice that all of Transilvanes inhabitants are in danger of being killed.

The Newsboy legion has survived the blast. They leave the place.

Superman notices that a flying robot dog, that uses Genocide spray, is the danger causer. Supes renders it useless.

The creator of the planet, Dabney Donovan (who had already passed on), was the creator of the dog. But why he wanted to kill all of his creations? Probably because he wasn`t a nice guy.

Then Supes takes the monster films away from the film projector, and puts a little film called "Oklahoma" to it, instead. Maybe it will guide them to a better future.


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