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“THE MAN FROM TRANSILVANE!” Superman and Jimmy Olsen do battle with the undead as they face a real-life vampire! Plus, the Newsboy Legion in “LAST MILE ALLEY!”

  1. Cover by Jack Kirby, Murphy Anderson, Neal Adams and Mike Royer.
  2. "The Man from Transilvane!" written and penciled by Jack Kirby, heads of Superman and Jimmy Olsen by Murphy Anderson and inked by Vince Colletta. Dabney Donovan is only mentioned in this story. Reprinted in Jimmy Olsen: Adventures by Jack Kirby #2 and Jack Kirby's Fourth World Omnibus #2.
  3. " "Hairie" Secrets Revealed!!!" written and penciled by Jack Kirby and inked by Vince Colletta. A 2 page "Strange Stories of the D.N.A. Project".
  4. "Last Mile Alley" "A Kirby Classic" Reprinted from Star Spangled Comics #8 to include the cover.

"The Man from Transilvane!"

Laura Conway is turned into a vampire! Jimmy and Clark are baffled! Then they are visited by the one who did this to her! Fighting ensues. Meanwhile, the runaway Newsboy legion are on their own adventures. The vampire changes her back to a human. Peculiar. Then he flees. The two comrades wanna know what the heck is going on. Clark finds out where he went. They go on a little trip. They find the vamp, and a werewolf! Clark switches to his Superman identity, and then there`s more fighting. Newsboy Legions adventure deepens, when they find the murderer of...the original Golden Guardian! Supes and Jimmy on the other hand, find a small planet.

Continued on the next issue.

" "Hairie" Secrets Revealed!!!" Gives a brief tour of the Mountain of Judgement.


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