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  1. Cover by Dick Giordano.
  2. "The Dark Side of the Justice League!" written by Robert Kanigher, penciled by Werner Roth and inked by Vince Colletta. (Lois Lane, Superman, Perry White)
  3. "Law of the 100!" written by Robert Kanigher, penciled and inked by Gray Morrow. (Rose and Thorn)


  • JLA characters are clones. These same clones next appear in The Superman Family #194.
  • Murphy Anderson touched up the JLA character faces.
  • Project Cadmus was called "The Project" in this story.
  • In the story "Law of the 100!" Vince Adams cameo page 2 panel 1?

What does a tiny little Justice League have to do with Darkseid's Inter-Gang? Is Lois "trapped by the Justice League?"


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