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    Ned, the last robotic replica of Superman, he was assigned with the protection of Lois Lane and later, with the guard of Krypto and the Fortress of Solitude.

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    One of the new Robot Superman created post crisis when Superman was under the influence of Dominus, the automaton than would be know as "Ned" was originally asigned with the task to protect Lois Lane 24/7. Because the protection of Lois Lane was his primary directive, that made "Ned" opposite to others Superman robots when Lois Lane conspired against the misguided Superman. When Lois burst into the Fortress of Solitude, "Ned" fighted against other Superman Robots and also protected Lois when Lex Luthor destroyed the fortress. However he was not match against Dominus, who manipulated him against Superman. However, Superman discovered than "Ned" could see beyond Dominus manipulations and could be useful agaisnt the reality manipulator. However Dominus tricked Ned into try to kill Lois Lane but Ned refused to do it and Dominus destroyed him.

    Rebuilt by Lex Emil Hamilton, Ned was a key element into rescue Superman from the prision than Dominus built for him. He stormed Luthor and Lois inside the Metropolis Fortress, the Tower of Light. There they discovered the scheme from Dominus, just before Dominus, possing as Superman, discovered them. Ned give Lois the time enough to free Superman but again he was broken.

    Ned became the last functional robot after he reactivated himself and escaped from a Lexcorp lab to abduct Lois Lane with the intention of protect her from any harm. Supermna, with the help of Kelex, put him under control and returned him to the Fortress.

    The rebuilt Ned now under the control of Kelex, got a new function too: when Superman decided than Krypto was too dangerous, he charged Ned with his watch, including in his frame a pheromone to simulate Superman's corporal odor and keep the hound of Krypton in the Fortress.

    Beyond these functions Ned operated as a defense mechanism for the Superman hideout.


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