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    Originally composed by enemies alien races and later by the worse of enemies of Superman, the Superman Revenge Squad is a group dedicated to the destruction of Superman.

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    The Superman Revenge Squad has been the name of several groups of supervillians on a personal vendetta against the Man of Steel. Though the different eras the group changed membership and leaders, but always with the objetive of kill Superman.


    Pre Crisis teams

    The original team in reality it was called the Superboy Revenge Squad and it was composed by the aliens from the planet Wexr II, a race of murderous conquerors who kill and exploted worlds and races with less technology than them. After Superboy freed the worlds the Wexrt had conquered the aliens searched for him to destroy his world, earth. To hide himself, Superboy caused himself amnesia to hide his superthoughts, tricking the aliens into leaving earth untouched.

    The Superman Revenge Squad properly, would attack again, this time as aliens from planet Vruun under the leadership of Attal. As the masterminds behind the creation of Wonder Man, an altered Superman Robot called Ajax, they used the automaton as a trojan horse to destroy Superman. However, the robot discovered the plot and sacrified himself to save Superman.

    Later adventures would explain than the Superman Revenge Squad grew with new enemy aliens joining the Squad to kill Superman, expanding its roster but still suffering countless defeats. The Superman Revenge Squad even teamed up with the Batman Revenge Squad to attack both heroes at the same time, but they again failed.

    Eventually the Squad returned again and again, always with new enemy races as representatives of the team, alway cahnging its roster and including newest powers, but lacking any success. Their last intent was to use the inhabitants of Kandor as weapons but Superman tricked them and send them to the phantom zone.

    Post crisis teams

    Post crisis of the infinite earths, the Superman Revenge Squad gained a new origin and representatives. Under the auspicie of Morgan Edge, Maxima recruited several earth natives enemies of Superman which included. the clone Anomaly, the armored Barrage, the hairie Misa, and the psychotic Riot. This team failed because its lack of discipline and coordiantion. Edge then formed a a second team than included Parasite, Rock and Baud. This second team faced a Superman with altered powers, making unexpected the result of the battle. However Superman mastered his new abilities wisely enough to defeat his enemies. Edge abandoned his subordinates at their own fortune.

    During the saga "Last Son", a third Superman Revenge Squad debuted and it was a more stronger team than before. Composed by the main enemies of Superman under the direction of Lex Luthor, Metallo, Parasite and Bizarro joined forces with Superman himself to repel a kryptonian invasion under the commend of General Zod. This team proved to be lethal in way the previous squad never had been.

    During the Rebirth era, a newest version of the Superman Revenge Squad made his debut. Assembled by the Cyborg Superman, Mongul the Elder, Blanque, the Eradicator, General Zod and Metallo were maybe the most direct and violent team aseembled. This time however, Superman counted with the help of the Superman family. The clash of egos and different goal of this team lead to his failure and dissolution.


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