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Superman returns back and better than ever 0

This was a great and fun movie to watch.Bradon Routh was a great Superman and Kevin spacey was great Lex Luthor.The story showed how the world has been without Superman and showed how their glad he's back except Lois Lane,who is now moved on.The cast was great and the story was too. I'm giving it 4/5 because the suit is great, Lex is evil and was a great movie to watch over and over....

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Superman Returns 0

I had high expectations for this movie since I watched the original four movies. Seriously, what was Bryan Singer thinking? You know, this movie is crap because of bad dialogue, acting and storywise. Now I know this was a blockbuster movie and it had high grossings. Seriously, when it comes to the story and the characters. It's lame. This movie is actually a sequel to Superman 1 and 2. Thus, ignoring the events of movie 3 and 4.   Here are some points which I don't like.Clark Kent/Superman- Clar...

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Return of a hero 0

When I knew that Superman was returning to the movies I had curiosity to know how they were going to do it. Unfortunately he didn’t return as I expected. Lex Luthor (Kevin Spacey) inherits a big heir from a rich woman something that gives him the possibility to be what he was in the past. Meanwhile, in Smallville, Kansas, a pod lands near the Kent farm. Inside the pod is Superman (Brandon Routh) who returns after a five years absence, when scientists said they found a possible place with Krypt...

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One of the better Superman film 0

When it comes to Superman films, we've had good ones, bad ones, and Superman IV: The Quest For Peace. Superman Returns takes a far different approach to everything than how the previous films did. Gone is the cheeky goodness of the first film, the slapstick/comedic approach to the second film, the unbalance of III, and the train wreck of Superman IV. Bryan Singer ditches all that and takes a serious approach to things. The seriousness of the film and lack of action is what I think turn people of...

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Psst... it's a remake. 0

I had high hopes for this one. The director, Bryan Singer has had a great track record up till now making great films full of excitement and depth. Since the Batman franchise, began with two good movies, was followed by two terrible ones, and was ultimately redeemed in the new millenium by a visionary young director, I hoped the same would be true of the Superman franchise. Unfortunately this was not the case. The movie was a mixed bag, and there's no way I can explain myself to you comic g33...

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Not good 0

Not a good movie. Spacey did a Spacey-esque rendition of Luthor. Pales in comparison to Gene Hackman. Brandon Routh is too young to play Superman. Looks like a movie made to impress impressionable kids, and not people who have been following Superman for years and years. Average as far as superhero films go. Bad as far as a Superman film goes. A shame considering it is a movie title that is as classic as Star Wars. ...

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Returns 0

Although widely regarded as one of the best superhero movies (even earning it's place on many top lists), the film has been mostly forgotten in the wake of Man of Steel, and the upcoming BvS. However have no doubt - this film is a worthy successor to Christopher Lee's Superman II, taking place five years later after Kent has disappeared to see his home world's destruction for himself. Brandon Routh is a charming Superman, although Kevin Spacey steals the show as Lex Luthor, who intends to use cr...

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