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Superman: Rebirth #1

Superman: Rebirth #1 is the Rebirth issue that depicts pre-flashpoint Superman right before he decides to take the place of post flashpoint Superman. The solicitation implies that this will be an issue featuring Superman and his son but in reality, its just about Superman and how he comes to terms with the recent death of post flashpoint Superman with Jon not even making an appearance.

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The issue begins with pre-flashpoint Superman reflecting upon recent events while he hovers over the grave of the recently deceased post flashpoint Superman. Eventually he notices someone trying to break into the underground. This happens to Lana Lang who wants to bury post flashpoint Superman's remains next to his parents in Smallville. This leads to a discussion between pre-flashpoint Superman and Lana Lang where Superman ends up recapping his death and return.

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Doug Mahnke's art in the issue is very well drawn and detailed. Seeing the depiction of Superman vs Doomsday from the Death of Superman saga is a nice treat. He also does a good job of depicting Superman as the older man that he is rather than a visual clone of post flashpoint Superman.

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New readers looking to jump into Superman should most likely wait until Superman #1 or Action Comics #957 as this issue feels more geared to current fans. Superman: Rebirth #1 is essentially a transition issue with the pre-flashpoint Superman realizing that he needs to step out of hiding and become the new Superman of the post flashpoint Earth. There isn't a ton that happens in this issue aside from Superman's discussion with Lana Lang but I still enjoyed the issue and found the ending to be heartwarming.

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