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He came down from the Heavens to bring Peace on Earth.

The premise to this issue is that even in the Holiday Season there are hungry people in the world.  The deeper in to the Holiday season the more Superman sees the great difference between the rich and the poor. This story was written by Paul Dini and painted lovely by Alex Ross. Peace on Earth reminds me of the DC Comics' 1986 charity book Heroes Against Hunger.  Instead of having Superman, Batman and Lex Luthor the book pins Superman alone against hunger.

My favorite page
My favorite page
What is nice about Superman is that he is the Symbol of Hope and Peace.  He is an Inspiration of perfection.  The problem with Superman is that it is hard to tell new fresh stories.  This comic suffers from that.  Like I mentioned before it is much like Heroes against Hunger, the only major difference is better art in this and also this is not a charity book.  The same morals and inspiration is in this book as it is in many Superman books and that is why it is not as fresh.
This is a solid read, same story different presentation.  With Alex Ross the presentation is drop dead lovely.  His Photo real painting ro his choice of Camera angles are dead on.  My favorite page of this comic was Superman descending the sky with the view of Brazil's Christ the Redeemer.  It is such as lovely sight and like how Jesus is the Son of God who came down from heaven to save us, Superman comes from the sky to help save the world.     
I really do enjoy this book.  It is not ground breaking, but some of the most important lessons are easy.  Superman was given to us to Inspire.  Not just on Christmas, but in our daily lives.  To hate on him is to hate what he stands for.  Some will say its Truth, Justice and the American way, but I believe Superman is like all of us if we just elevate ourselves to Love the world like he does.  He was born an Alien from anther world, but with the love he has for Earth he is my cousin who flies without wings.  If he can make the world a better place, so can we all... right?
Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas.
- Silkcuts

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