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A Bigger Crisis Than Some of the Crisis'

     I'll get this out of the war early, this book his huge. Phone book huge. A large book for a large crossover. That's where the only problem lies I think. The main thing for me that was a little distracting was which issues they collected. It seemed to repeat itself often with stuff that already happened earlier. Just like something was off.  The Young Justice issues that are collected end on a major cliffhanger. SPOILER WARNING: Click here to reveal hidden content. Aside from those problems it's a decent read. Three stars sounded good to me. 
That was the bad and now for the good.  
  The story itself was good as well as the art and kept my attention easily. The characters, most notably Superman and Wonder Woman, were written as I would expect them to be. It's an emotional story especially if you're a Superman and/or a Wonder Woman fan because this arc impacts them the most I'd say. Aside from them two some people team up, some teams fight, and many people die. Heartbreaking and heartwarming throughout. I own it and have read it twice. The second time was more enjoyable than the first and I'm sure the next time will be even better. 

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