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New Krypton: Part One

Kandor thrives once more in this issue of Superman Legends. The Kryptonian city, now located in the Arctic, has grown back to its original size after Superman defeated Brainiac. However, Jonathan Kent has died after Brainiac's final assualt on the farm - can Superman balance the pain he feels as Clark Kent with the joy he feels as Kal-El?


Years ago, before the destruction of KRYPTON, KANDOR was visited by BRAINIAC - a horrifying alien intelligence that ABDUCTED the city!

Now, after defeating Brainiac, Superman has FREED the abducted city and placed it in the Arctic wastes, where it has grown back to its original size - along with a HUNDRED THOUSAND KRYPTONIANS - all of whom are developing Superman’s powers after exposure to our yellow sun! But it's not all good news for Superman.

As his final act before his capture and defeat, Brainiac deployed a MISSILE to the Kent Farm.

Although no-one was hurt by the initial blast, JONATHAN KENT, Superman's adoptive father, suffered a HEART ATTACK while saving his wife and DIED.

The rumbles of Kandor's eruption and regrowth drowned out MA KENT'S cries for help... Superman was too late, unable to be at his father's side while he breathed his last.

Now Superman seeks to balance the pain he feels as Clark Kent with the joy he feels as Kal-El - no longer the last Kryptonian...


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