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Final Crisis: Part 7 of 7

The epic multiverse crossover 'Final Crisis' reaches its thrilling conclusion in this issue of Superman Legends. In the dark at the end of everything, only the Man of Steel holds the key to the survival of the Earth, humanity, and meta-life as we know it! Witness the end!

Brainiac: Parts 1 and 2

Geoff Johns and Gary Frank’s epic 'Brainiac' story redefines a classic villain for a new generation. As a palate cleanser from the ultimate crossover, check out the first two parts, ‘First Contact’ and ‘Hide and Seek’, in this action-packed issue of Superman Legends.


Batman is dead, annihilated by DARKSEID'S OMEGA BEAMS ... but not before mortally wounding Darkseid’s body, drawing the dread attention of the BLACK RIDER , the incarnation of death. Following hot on the heels of the FLASHES . Death sundered Darkseid's spirit from his body.

All that's left of the universe is fragments of compacted space-time, held together by pure will: the FORTRESS OF SOLITUDE , the WATCHTOWER, the DAILY PLANET ... last outposts of humanity in a multiverse that can no longer support them.

It is here, in the dark at the end of everything, that SUPERMAN is building a WEAPON he glimpsed in the 31ST CENTURY ... a weapon to set everything right. To defeat Darkseid's spirit. To dual with MANDRAKK , fallen Monitor and incarnation of ultimate evil.

Superman's story is powerful. The first of all superheroes, the PRIMAL MYTH , replicated through all the worlds of the multiverse. But will it be enough? Can it prove the most powerful story of all...?


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