Superman Legends #15

    Superman Legends » Superman Legends #15 released by Titan Comics on April 17, 2008.

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    Escape from Bizarro World: Part Three

    The Man of Steel’s adventure in Bizarro World continues in this issue of Superman Legends, and things just get weirder and weirder! Yellow Lantern, Bizarro Batman, Bizarro Flash, and the whole Bizarro Justice League assemble – which could mean absolutely anything!

    Justice: Chapter Twelve

    As Brainiac exerts his control over the minds of people all over the world, an epic battle heads towards its devastating endgame in this issue of Superman Legends! The penultimate part of ‘Justice’ pits Superman against Brainiac and Sinestro against Green Lantern.

    Last Son: Part Three

    After a space craft carrying a Kryptonian boy crashes on Planet Earth, Clark and Lois decide to take him in and raise him as one of their own. Now Zod, Non and Ursa are running riot on Metropolis – but what do these vicious Kryptonian supervillains have to do with the young child?


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