Superman: Kal » 1 issues

    Volume » Published by DC Comics. Started in 1995.

    A Superman story in the Elseworlds concept series.

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    In this Elseworlds storyline, baby Kal escapes the destruction of Krypton to find himself crash landing in medieval England.

    Found in the fields by a poor, childless farmer couple, he quickly displays unnatural strength and resistance to the diseases that ravages the people of the land. Seeing these things as clear signs of sorcery, Kal's adoptive father is strict in his instructions to the young boy to not display any of his skills in front of others.

    One autumn, just as the boy has grown into a young adult, Kal is forced to save the son of the local blacksmith from a raging bull. Seeing his great strength, the smith threatens to spread the word of Kal's sorcerous powers unless the poor farmer gives up his adoptive son to become the blacksmith's apprentice.

    That winter, young Kal arrives with the blacksmith in the town of Lexford. He is new to the bustle of the town, but focuses on learning his new trade and soon becomes an accomplished craftsman.

    The following summer, a tournament is being held to celebrate the birthday of young Lady Loisse, daugher of the murdered Lord Layne and captive of the cruel Baron Luthor. Smitten by the beauty of the sixteen year old girl, Kal ignores his adoptive father's instructions and flaunts his superiority to impress Lady Loisse. Kal wins, and with this begins a clandestine romance with Loisse.

    Later the same year, Baron Luthor discovers Kal's buried ship while on a hunt. Seeing that the metal is of an unsurpassed quality, he orders Kal's blacksmith mentor to make for him a suit of armor. The smith is not able to heat the metal enough to work it, but Kal discovers his heat vision which allows him to shape it to his will. The finished armor is presented to Luthor, making him practically invulnerable to all known weapons. Impressed with the work, the Baron promises Kal that he may name his prize. Kal instantly demands Lafy Loisse's hand in marriage, and the furious Baron Luthor is not able to go back on his word in front of the crowd.

    But on their wedding night, Luthor barges in with his knights demanding his right as the Lord of the land to have the first night with the newly wedded bride. Kal is unable to stop the Baron, as his necklace is made from a piece of Kryptonite that had fallen from the sky. In the castle, when Loisse refuses Luthor's sexual advances, the Baron beats her to death. When getting the news of his beloved's murder, Kal wows revenge...


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