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    Character » Superman Junior appears in 53 issues.

    In some story lines, Superman had a son called Superman Junior (the mother wasn't made clear), who had powers similar to dad. Superman and Batman Junior were sometimes referred to as the "Super Sons", who are now part of Earth-16.

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    Superman Junior is Superman's son. His mother was never shown as their face was always turned away. However, he did not recognize Lois Lane in one of the comic books. It is presumed that Lois lane is not his mother. In the final issue, it was revealed that it was all just a computer stimulation of what might have happened.


    Superman Junior's strength, endurance, durability were only half of superman's as his mother was a human. Bullets could not penetrate his skin but it could bruise him and hurt him. He was stunned when a small bomb exploded. A criminal reckoned that if a larger bomb would kill him. He was strong enough to lift a bus and he had heat vision,cold breath,super speed and all the rest of Superman's powers. He said that his maximum leaping distance was 100 meters.

    The super sons saga were collected into a TPB: Saga Of The Super Sons.


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