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Written in the 1950s, the stories reprinted in this collection reflect the optimism and carefree excitement of that era. In a decade of few real life villains, Superman's adventures became more lighthearted and fun as he teamed up with Robin, the Boy Wonder or battled against such outrageous foes as Bizarro and the Bride of Bizarro. Also included in this collection are the first appearances of Supergirl, Krypto, and Titano the Super-Ape as well as tales of Superman's Super-Magic Show and Superboy's last day in Smallville.


  • "Three Supermen From Krypton!" - Superman #65
  • "The Menace From The Stars!" - World's Finest #68
  • "The Girl Who Didn't Believe In Superman!" - Superman #96
  • "Superboy's Last Day In Smallville!" - Superman #97
  • "The Ugly Superman!" - Superman's Girlfriend, Lois Lane#8
  • "Superman's Big Brother!" - Superman #80
  • "The Super-Dog From Krypton!" - Adventure Comics #210
  • "Titano, The Super-Ape!" - Superman #127
  • "The Supergirl From Krypton!" Action Comics #252
  • "Superman's Super-Magic Show!" - Action Comics #151
  • "The Super-Duel In Space" - Action Comics #242
  • "The Battle With Bizarro!" - Action Comics #254
  • "The Bride Of Bizarro!" - Action Comics #255
  • "The End Of The Planet!" - Superman #79
  • "Superman And Robin!" - World's Finest #75
  • "The Stolen Superman Signal" - Superman's Pal, Jimmy Olsen #13
  • "The Girl In Superman's Past" - Showcase #9

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