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Better Than Average (Such High Praise, I Know)

I was hoping this collection would fill in some of the gaps from the Superman issues ... but it turns out no gaps existed. The only things added to the story from the Supergirl and Superboy issues are sideplots, irritating character moments (mainly because everyone spends these issues mad at everyone else), and semi-philosophical excursions into, well, lots of stuff that doesn't mean much in the long run. You will likely forget it all moments after you put the volume down. It's just irritating most of the heroes spend so much time arguing with and sniping at one another.

Similarly, the Superboy issues get annoying fairly quickly. He spends most of the time lamenting how he was hatched to be a weapon, and now he's upset because no one loves him (or something like that). We get it about two panels in, but then we have to read it about 36 more times. Could have been better, but that's fairly typical of New 52 material.

Still, the storyline has its moments. The potential of a displaced Kryptonian, driven to resurrect Krypton provides some fine tensions for our characters and, one can hope, future storylines of interest, since H'el, naturally, survives. Lobdell gives us a universe of mighty and inexplicable wonders and dangers. The positives most likely outweigh the negatives, but don't scrutinize the meniscus too closely. Just be grateful Mr. Lobdell has rescued Superman from the doldrums and make yourself enjoy it (for as long as you can remember it).

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