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I don't understand the hype.

I don't get why people like this book. I found myself hoping for the book to just be over when I was about 15 pages in. I swear I wanted to enjoy the book I just couldn't get into it at all. The colors were dull and bored me; the art was nice I feel it didn't really fit this book. The writing had a really slow pace which would of been fine if I cared about any of the stuff it wasted time on. Still, I could've seen why people liked this book if the villain wasn't so lame.

I've seen people complain about Man of Steel being too dark and muted. Which is almost a valid complaint but this book is way more duller than MoS. Everything is so sleep inducing is what my point is really and when I am reading your book I shouldn't be falling asleep. The art by Shane Davis is well thought out and pretty nice looking (Ignoring the colors obviously) except it feels so out of place in this book. Exactly the opposite of what a Superman book should look to me, it does make me want to look for some of Davis' work that isn't Superman related.

Besides the horribly out of place art with a peculiar choice in colors, what really kills this for me is the villain. He literally monologues his whole background and motivations to Clark. His motivations by the way are pretty lame, they fight for a little bit and then Clark crushes him and he decides to get a job at the daily planet. See, this book has a lame villain and spends way to much time doing a whole lot of nothing. Just not my cup of tea at all.

I just don't get what people see in this book. That said I have read the Superman Earth 2 vol 2 book and I did enjoy the story, the art however still kind of bugged me and felt rather out of place. So, sadly i just can't recommend this book.

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