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The Good

Lex, some great Lex moments here. I loved the shooting Mercy in the head, some may hate it but this is a one time story I see this as a truly Lex thing to do. He would kill anyone especially if they interfered with his ego. I saw a previous review pointing out Mercy's long-time association with Lex and I see his point but really...Lex...loyalty...attachment? Not his style the only reason Mercy hasn't been killed in the past is because of continuity and fan's liking the character. Other Lex moments include donating the £10m to the police force after Supe's death, it's just so him to swoop in as the 'saviour'. This is what he believes is power, money! Then there's the whole theme of Lex not being known as responsible for Superman's death. The theft of Superman's body. Cloning superman so he can beat on him. Just so Lex.

Lois/Martha, when Lois turns up on the doorstep this was a truly beautiful scene only someone truly familiar with grief could write this scene. The two women are very well written in their grief. Also loved the part where Martha is watching 'Clark' and comments on her 'son'. This could have easily have been left out but it was good to see this in there.

Superman cutting out Lex's failsafe.

The Bad

Lex, yes that's right Lex. Well more specifically the way Lex is written, there's some great moments but that's what they are 'moments'. It's like a Micheal Bay movie, moving from plot point to plot point with no reason or connection between them.

Superman's death. How poorly explained was this? According to the robot he cannot die. Well that's the tension taken out of every future film and also doesn't correspond with the clone being killed. How can a clone be killed if superman can't be killed? At least that's that's what the robot said, although I'm thinking that's not the intention of the writer. So all I can surmise is lazy writing.

The verdict

A good film but prepare yourself by understanding this is out of continuity and should be treated as an elseworld story. An alternative take on a classic tale. It's good but let down by some lazy writing

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