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Beyond Credible Beyond Story 1

This would have been very good had it stopped after the first story. Once again DC is unwilling to let us know what issue we are reading at the time, and telling us it is a digital comic doesn't excuse the absence of information. I acknowledge most of the first story is the new Batman and old Bruce Wayne tracking down the confluence of Metropolis dregs in Gotham, but the sparseness of Old Superman's screen time, like Orson Welles in The Third Man, makes his appearances and the ending that much more powerful. Had it just ended with Superman wrapping up the ends of everyone in the Negative Zone and Super Old Luthor out of action forever, this would have been a great story, perhaps one of the all-time great "non-continuity" stories.

Unfortunately, it continues and Old Superman is mostly a maudlin wanderer. Once again, Ma Kent is considered to have played no significant role in the shaping of Clark Kent/Superman, without even so much as an on-panel appearance of her tombstone. Sad. Though, perhaps Old Superman's "I'm totally lost without Lois Lane" melodrama is sadder still. I have a difficult time believing all the great advice Pa Kent gave Clark over the years consisted of "find your entire meaning and reason for existing in the love of a woman, and if she ever grows old and/or dies, flail around aimlessly and purposelessly for years until you get a job as a fireman." Certainly I would not doubt the importance and strength and power of the love between Lois and Clark, but turning Superman into an aimless drifter without her is hard to believe (though, I suppose it's better than the tack taken in Injustice).

The Kryptonite Monster-used-to-be-a-criminal-with-a-heart-of-gold story could have been good, but it felt forced and obvious and went nowhere fresh. Likewise, the Female Luthor villain at the end of this collection is unconvincing and shallowly conceived. "I spent my whole life made at GodFate, but when a hologram of a supervillain said I was his long-lost daughter, I totally knew my purpose in life and hopped on board." Sure. And Superman just lets her walk away after all the goingson for which she is culpable? I don't think so. Even Hologram Luthor is disappointing as a villain: Luthor is a tough character to write for, I'm sure, what with his whole "I'm doing this for the good of Humanity though Sacrifices must be made" drive, but the inane "Superman is the enemy of Humanity's advancement" broken record is tiresome and similarly incredible. It just felt off.

At least the moments between Old Bruce and Old Clark were mostly good. The Old Jimmy Olson is a bit of an embarrassment, but I suppose it could have been worse. Overall, better than the New 52 Superman, but the promise of the early story faded quickly and was saved only a couple of times by Old Batman.

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