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  1. "Superman's Other Life!" Reprinted from Superman #132.
  2. "Famous Old Krypton Stories" 1/3 page text piece featuring 15 Krypton stories from the Superman Family of comics.
  3. "Glossary of Kryptonian Names" 1/3 page text piece featuring 16 names and places from the planet Krypton.
  4. "Flag of Krypton" 1/3 page featuring the Krypton's flag.
  5. "The Man Who Destroyed Krypton" Reprinted from Superboy #67.
  6. "The Invasion of Krypton!" Reprinted from Superboy #83.
  7. "Superman Around the World" one page featuring four Superman comic book covers "Nembo Kid" from Italy, "Stalmannen" from Sweden, "Superman" from Mexico and "Superman" from Brazil.
  8. "How Jimmy Olsen First Met Superman!" Reprinted from Superman's Pal, Jimmy Olsen #36.
  9. "Vote for the Next Giant Superman Annual Now!" 1/3 page text piece featuring three theme-based annuals: "Best Imaginary Stories", "Green, Red, Blue and Gold Kryptonite" or "Stories featuring mighty men of renown".
  10. "The Super-Monkey from Krypton!" Reprinted from Superboy #76.
  11. "The Sleeping Beauty from Krypton!" Reprinted from Superman #128.
  12. "The Super-Teacher from Krypton" Reprinted from Adventure Comics #240.


  • An all reprint Giant Superman Annual featuring the Superman Family on Krypton!.


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