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Birthday Wishes

This is probably one of the more interesting back issues that I have ever read. I was first acquainted with this story through and old Justice League unlimited episode and the only difference between the two is the appearance of Jason Todd in the plot. In this issue Batman and Wonder Woman travel to the fortress of solitude to celebrate Superman’s birthday, but they find him unresponsive due to the hypnotic effects of a plant known as “Black Mercy” which was planted -- no pun intended -- by Mongul. While Wonder Woman attempts to subdue Mongul, Batman and Jason attempt to remove the Black Mercy. The effects of the Black Mercy cause Superman to experience a dreamlike state where the planet Krypton was never destroyed, but as Superman comes to realize that all that he is experiencing is not real the Black Mercy is removed and the Man of Steel emerges from the dream enraged in such a way that I’ve never seen him before in any of his appearances. I found the ending to be lighthearted and a little humorous after such bleak circumstances had occurred, but it doesn’t take away from the story at all. I enjoyed reading this issue which was given to me as a birthday gift, and it was interesting seeing one of my old favorite JLU episodes in comic form, but what struck me most interesting is that it would appear that Alan Moore is not a fan of the Wonder Woman/Superman paring.

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