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Dawn of Justice Take Note! American Alien #4 Does Batman vs. Superman Right

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It’s a modern-day myth that’s been told time and again: the first meeting of the World’s Finest. If Byrne is to be believed, the Man of Steel and the Dark Knight formed and uneasy alliance which grew to begrudging respect while teaming up against the z-list villainess Magpie. The story according to Straczynski is that the two took on an invading army in protection of Nanda Parbat. As Johns tells it, the Caped Crusader attacked the Metropolis Marvel on the eve of Darkseid’s invasion, leading directly to the formation of the Justice League. Snyder sings of Clark and Bruce being brought together by none other than Lex Luthor himself (at least according to the trailers).

Landis offers his own take on this monumentous moment in Superman: American Alien #4, contextualizing the confrontation as the capstone to Clark’s arrival in the Big Apricot and his fateful first encounters with a number of its most prominent denizens. Here too is Louis Lane, or rather Lois Lane, much to Clark’s (pleasant) surprise. As also is Lex Luthor, who’s politicized, perhaps appropriately, as a Randian Objectivist – hardly a great divergence from his usual portray as a Nietzschian nihilist. And of course, Oliver Queen, returning to the miniseries from last issue a changed man following his ordeal on Starfish Island.

The best cameo, however, is that of billionaire Bruce Wayne’s young ward, Dick Grayson, who rhapsodized with Clark regarding the problem of the rumored Batman. In the most impactful exchange in the series to date (both in terms of its importance to the narrative and its emotional resonance with the reader), the future Boy Wonder says:

It’s about balance… Batman needs a counterpoint… Darkness needs light. Fear needs hope.”

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