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In this particular Elseworlds title, young Atticus Kent joins the Union army during the Civil War. As the Union troops are mobilizing, the Confederates fire a cannon shot at the Union forces. The cannon shot hits Atticus square in the chest, but causes no harm except for knocking the wind out of him. This causes him to charge at the Confederate forces. He goes toe-to-toe with the rebels and pushes all the way into the city to force General Pemberton to surrender.

General Grant hears of Kent's feats and dispatches him as a one man army to go around and seek out concentrations of Confederate troops. Eventually, Abraham Lincoln hears about him and uses him to intervene all over the country as needed. Kent arrives late to the Battle of Gettysburg and is enraged at all the death that General Robert E. Lee has caused.

Kent attends a play at Ford's theater with Abraham Lincoln and winds up foiling John Wilkes Booth's assassination attempt on the president.

Some time passes and Kent receives a letter from his parents saying that his mother is dying. Atticus rushes home only to find that his mother has just died. At his mother's funeral his father tells Atticus that he is not from Earth and shows him the spaceship Atticus landed in. When he touches the ship it projects the last days of Krypton into his mind, as to brief him on why he came to Earth. Atticus then molds the Kryptonian ship into a robotic horse and rides off into the sky on his noble steed.

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