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Get ready for one of the most off-beat adventures of the Last Son Krypton. In a virtual world of the mind, Superman seeks the truth to the mystery of whether or not he is the real deal. Featuring appearances by Batman, Lois Lane, the Silver Banshee, Guardian, Superboy, the Kryptonian, Steel, Cyborg-Superman, Ma & Pa Kent and Doomsday!

The culprit behind the Dead Again! story arc is revealed to be Brainiac. While the people of Metropolis look on confused, Superman is bombarded with illusion after illusion by Brainiac. While Superman encounters Ma and Pa Kent, Batman, his replacements from Reign of the Supermen, a fake sidekick named Skyboy and Doomsday all in his mind, the residents of the city watch him flail about, destroying parts of the city. The Metropolis S.C.U. tries to protect as many as they can, while Guardian watches over Superman. Emil Hamilton comes on the scene with a neural neutralizer gun, which, after fired at Superman, forces Superman’s mind to break through the illusions. Once Superman is free, he realizes that Guardian is actually Brainiac in disguise. Superman finally gets to confront Brainiac directly.


  • Except for Superman, Lois Lane, Maggie Sawyer, Emil Hamilton and Brainiac all other characters appear as hallucinations.
  • "DC Universe 25" "What Exactly Does an Inker Do?"a one page text piece with four panels of the same artwork. The first panel is the penciller's work the next three panels are inked by three different inkers to show the different styles of ink work on the artwork. The artwork was penciled by Jim Balent and inked by Scott Hanna, Gerry Fernandez and Jed Hotchkiss. The artwork was from Detective Comics #660.
  • Curtis King credited as the cover editor.
  • Triangle 1995 #2.
  • Chronological continuation from Superman: The Man of Steel #40.
  • Chronological continuation in Adventures of Superman #519.

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