Superman #95

    Superman » Superman #95 - The Zero Effect released by DC Comics on December 1994.

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    The question has been raised—is Superman the genuine article returned from the dead, or is he simply another imposter? Seeking answers, the Man of Steel, New Gods and the Atom seek out the one being who has messed with Superman's head more than anyone—Brainiac!

    After ruling out the Eradicator and Luthor, Superman’s next suspect for the creation of a duplicate corpse of himself is Brainiac. Superman enlists Emil Hamilton’s aid in repairing his defunct Mother Box. Hamilton does the job, and Superman is Boom Tubed to New Genesis; however, Superman has a hitch-hiker: the Atom. The Atom has been de-aged to a teenager after the events of Zero Hour, and is hoping to use Metron’s knowledge to return him to his rightful age. When the two arrive in Metron’s lab, Atom infiltrates Metron’s Mobius Chair. However, Atom does not have the knowledge he once did, and accidentally teleports the chair, and the room, into space nearby a black hole. Metron eventually repairs the damage, and Atom stays on New Genesis. Superman discovers that Brainiac is comatose. With Brainiac ruled out, Superman’s next suspect is Darkseid, and he prepares for a visit to Apokolips.


    • Cameo flashback appears of of Milton Fine and Vril Dox as Brainiac.
    • Cameo flashback headshot of Superman disguised as Gangbuster.
    • Cameo appearances of Darkseid, Cyborg-Superman and Apokolips.
    • "DC Universe 23" one page advertisement piece made to look like the front page of the Daily Planet with information on Deathstroke.
    • Curtis King credited as the cover editor.
    • Triangle 1994 #46.
    • Chronological continuation from Superman: The Man of Steel #39.
    • Chronological continuation in Adventures of Superman #518.

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