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Ever wonder how Superman and Batman met?

This issue is mostly interesting for it's historical significance. In order to find a diamond smuggler aboard a cruise ship, Clark Kent and Bruce Wayne both take the cruise in both their superhero and their civilian identities. They discover each others secret when fate puts them in the same cabin. While there are a few eye-rolling coincidences, and Superman continues to make credibility stretching uses of his powers (like sucking in a cloud and using the water vapor to put out a fire), there are less of these instances than normal for a Superman story. And there are some delightfully inventive twists, like how the diamond smuggler is able to hide the loot from Superman's x-ray vision, and how Batman and Superman cover each others secret identities from the prying of Lois Lane.
Entertaining and well worth checking out if you ever wanted to know how the 'World's Finest' first met and teamed up!


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