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The JLA arrive in Metropolis and read letters from people needing help--just as Superman once did. Heroes and everyday citizens alike try to come together to cope with Superman's death.

Superman is dead? Actually no, he's being reanimated/regenerated but no one knows about this. This issue begins on Christmas Eve. Various heroes are there and Captain Marvel arrives. Ironically it is raining not snowing. Aquaman likes it and Green Lantern does too. Nightwing can't believe it and the new Robin Tim Drake in a moment out of character decides not to remark for fear of sounding like an idiot (huh?). So since Superman is dead the heroes decide to get down to business whatever that may be at this point.

We then see a kid named Mitch whose house was destroyed in a fight between Superman and Doomsday in Ohio where we all know Superman's creators were raised (Ohio). Mitch must have run away from home since he is seen walking the streets of Metropolis. Poor Mitch he feels its his fault Superman died. Some wacko has a press conference and says she is Mrs. Superman and that they lived in a New York penthouse and had vacations all over the world and he took her there to protect her from his enemies. We all know it is bull and Lois Lane and Jimmy Olsen are there too. Of course we know it's a lie.

Lois leaves and Jimmy sees Mitch. They talk for a bit and Mitch wants to talk to someone who knew Superman and Jimmy takes him to Bibbo's to eat. We follow Lois who heads to Clark's apartment of course she is mourning over the loss of Clark. She opens the door and cries of course but also there are Ma and Pa Kent. They came to settle Clark's things in order as well as Lana Lang.

We head over to the Metropolis Post Office. Every Christmas, Superman would read the mail sent to him and try to make miracles happen. This is the business the heroes will try to do in Superman's absence. Of course, Guy Gardner scoffs at the idea and Wonder Woman puts him in his place. There are letters for Superman to help find hidden cities and gold. There is even a letter from a lady who is terminally ill who wants Superman to find her lost son of over 30 years. For once Guy Gardner does something nice and he takes that case. Wonder Woman reads a letter from a woman whose house was destroyed she just wanted to thank him for saving her family's lives. So they agree to put out a helping hand.

Back at Bibbo's restaurant Jimmy and Mitch are eating and sitting with Bibbo and talking. Jimmy finally remembers Mitch from being in the news due to Superman and Doomsday fight that destroyed his house. He still is feeling like it's his fault and Bibbo does his best to make him feel better. Bibbo gives Mitch air fare to get home. Back at Clark's place Lana decides its best the world should know Clark and Superman are one and the same. Eventually though they decide to stay quiet about Clark's private life thanks to the calmness of Pa Kent's urging.

Wonder Woman reaches a apartment of a Roger Anderson. I guess he is Mitch's dad. Wonder Women tells him about his wife and kids and their house destroyed by Doomsday.

The story splits up as the heroes are doing what they can. Jimmy takes Mitch to Superman's memorial site. Green Lantern and Flash are building Mitch's mom a new house, talk about Christmas miracles. Wonder Woman brings Mitch's dad to the new house and apparently things will work out and Cadmus Labs is underground of the memorial and is taking the casket of superman of course this will be Superboy.

CoverNameCreator(s)Sidebar Location
RegNewstand EditionDan Jurgens & Brett Breeding1
RegDirect Sales EditionDan Jurgens & Brett Breeding2
RegNewstand Second PrintingDan Jurgens & Brett Breeding3
RegDirect Sales Second PrintingDan Jurgens & Brett BreedingMissing



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This issue of course was made when Dc and comics were printing 4-5 million copies and everyone thought of buying 2 issues or more you know 1 to read and 2 or more for college funds.This is part of what i call the trilogy of Superman Death/Without/Return.I'm not up to speed with this arc. I have Death and Return in tradesNot bad those stories aren't.This single issue though I believe was needed . It shows our heroes trying the best they can do to get on without Supes. I also think back to that wo...

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