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Snuffed Out

Slug Fest
Slug Fest
I didn't originally write a review for this book because I felt that it was all said in the review that was already on this page. I do not like to write reviews when someone else already wrote one unless I completely disagree. I think it looks kind of lame to have ten reviews saying the same thing for a new issue, especially when there are so many books that have no reviews. All this said I am writing this review because of the Trade Paper Back (TPB) I needed to write this part if I was going to post it on the TPB. 
As I said the other review on the page says pretty much everything.  I would not be as harsh or blunt but I do agree with it.  This issue was basically a snuff book.  Each page  is a full panel of art and not much dialogue.  There was also no climatic point to the book.  Superman and Doomsday just slug it out back and forth.  There is nothing else.  There were too many points in the whole story arch that were too convenient, and forced the story.  This made the story too weak.  Superman didn't outsmart Doomsday.  There was no clever twist.  It was just a slugging contest.
I would recommend this book to Superman fans and comic historians for it's historical context but it is really not that good.  The art on the other hand is pretty cool.  Each page has a full image and that is unique, and pretty cool.  I really enjoyed it but it did take away from the story because of the lack of dialogue.  I gave the book three-and-a-half stars.   

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