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Grounded... once more

The Flash and Superman finally cross paths as Superman continues to endlessly, and needlessly, walk across America.
The Good:  There is nothing really redeeming about this title except for the pages Eddy Barrows works on.
The Bad: Where to begin. The Flash is wearing a Kryptonian headband that, when put on, it would automatically teach you. However, it seems as if only Kryptonians can handle it, and so Flash finds Superman, and eventually Superman gets it off of him. This is a case where Superman isn't the one written too badly, but where the world and people around him aren't as lucky. What really bothered me the most is just how often you get reminded that the Flash is the "fastest man alive". While it has never bothered me, it is done in this issue whenever possible. For example, while in the diner, Superman and the Flash have a whole conversation while the waitress is in mid air, falling. Yeah we get it.
There was also some small things that bothered me. Some inconsistencies with the art itself. Now, they're not huge but it did add to how bad this issue was over all. Forexample, while in the diner, Superman clearly tells the waitress he doesn't want anything, but next panel he has a burger on his plate, even before the waitress came back with Barry's food. Another nit pick is at the end, when Barry catches the waitress. Barry took the pie from mid air and ate it, but once he caught her at the end of the conversation, the pie was back on the tray. Yeah it might be small, but it all piles up when a book is this bad.
All in All...
This is the last issue of Superman for me for a while. Until Grounded is over, or if I heard raving reviews, which I doubt, I will not be picking Superman up. Don't waste your money, which is sad, since Chris Roberson seems to be a fantastic writer, if you're reading his other work.

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