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Grounded... once more 3

The Flash and Superman finally cross paths as Superman continues to endlessly, and needlessly, walk across America.   The Good:  There is nothing really redeeming about this title except for the pages Eddy Barrows works on.   The Bad: Where to begin. The Flash is wearing a Kryptonian headband that, when put on, it would automatically teach you. However, it seems as if only Kryptonians can handle it, and so Flash finds Superman, and eventually Superman gets it off of him. This is a case where Sup...

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Grounded continues its good streak (for now) 0

  After the success of the last issue, Superman #709 has another guest star, the Flash. Will it live up to the standards the last issue set?   Synopsis   After helping some South American speedster (I think) Superman reaches Colorado where a ‘mysterious blur’ is reciting Kryptonian history at high speeds and giving the town a makeover. Can Superman solve this mystery (Sorry for the Scooby Doo gag)   SPOILERS!!!!!!   The Good   ·         The random speedster guy appearing did allow f...

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