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Superman #705: Visitation Rights

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J. Michael Straczynski and Eddy Barrows return to the "Grounded" story arc! As Superman walks through Mt. Prospect, Illinois, Superman gets involved with a ever growing evil! The human heart turned against itself! With Superman continuing to walk across America, he encounters all sorts of people that would hurt one another, or even hurt Superman! So with JMS returning on the series he is continuing to tell the story of Superman trying to find "real" America!  

The Good

Superman's "Grounded" stories are getting more-and-more involved! From a couple of issues back, Superman wasn't really encountering abused children like past issues. However, now I think J. Michael Straczynski is getting closer-and-closer to revealing a big surprise for readers and Superman! In this story, Superman meets an abused boy whom gets beat by his father. Original Yes. That is I think it is original in a Superman story, however that's not the point. I think J. Michael Straczynski did an excellent job at making Superman a more relatable character. That is the "main" key in creating this story. Eddy Barrows' pencils are always amazing. His artwork for Superman being all casual, is different from when he gets angry. You can really see the difference if your paying attention to the artwork. The story is short lived, and is possibly my favorite Superman story yet, however what's to come in Metropolis is what I'm really looking forward too. 
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The Bad

While this Superman story is good, I don't really see how JMS works this in with the other "branching" story lines. For example, in Return of Bruce Wayne. Superman is part of the team that Rip Hunter formed called, The Timemasters. During the events of issue 1 and 2 of that series, we see Superman helping that team. However, once this story was released it seemed that JMS had a entire different timeline for Superman. I don't really know how that fits in with other Story lines, however it does get annoying. 

The Verdict

Superman #705 is a great jumping on point! For those who've dropped reading Superman books can feel a little bit more sure about reading this story arc. Overall this is a 4.5 out of 5. 

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