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"What am I doing here? What are YOU doing out there?"

J. Michael Straczynski can finally have a week where he won't be forever linked for drastically changing Wonder Woman's status quo. He's beginning the new arc of Superman, aptly titled "Grounded", and if there was any indication of his preview last month, this will be a very touching issue, that I think at least, this story will be remembered fondly for years to come. While Luthor's off finding the black rings, and Kara's set to deal with her Bizarro clone, Supes is just walking across America. Walking. Across. America. Join me, as I review Superman #701.

The Good

For all the good people of Philadelphia, this issue's about your city. The city of brotherly love gets an appropriate highlight which accompanies Superman's journey to understand the everyday struggles of the regular human being that isn't blessed with a superpower or anything of the sort. J. Michael Straczynski uses this format to magnanimous effect, as even Lois cannot understand why Superman decides to just walk across the US.In his tour of Philly, he encounters people who are shocked to see Superman take this humble approach, while there also others who have their cynical view about it, some well-founded, others, not well-founded. Case in point:

How Superman handled such cynicism was, in a sense, classy. Which defines and strengthens his character and his mannerisms. And another thing which I found to like, is the soon-to-be running gag of "Is he affected by Red Kryptonite?", being constantly asked around him. And I also liked how he managed to put Superman in real-life situations, like drug abusers, suicide victims, in short, a small sample of the things we as humans go through in real life. Another solid angle that works with JMS' story is the art by Eddy Barrows. His interior work works wonders at accurately portraying Superman's journey.

The Bad

There really isn't anything bad in this issue. Nothing. I found this issue to be essentially great on all angles. What irks me is how clueless the last person Superman was regarding a quote he brought up.

The Verdict

For the issue that jump-starts JMS' run on Superman, it's looking very good. The interaction he's making with real life people telling real life stories, may seem worn out, at first, but with this issue, it can easily remind anyone of All-Star Superman, for how simple the premise, and its solutions happen to play out. I loved this issue, it's basically Chicken Soup for the Soul, but with a S on the chest, and a big red cape following it. Get this issue. It's a feel-good story that doesn't go soft on everything. 5/5 PICK OF THE WEEK


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