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Out for a walk..

Well here we have it. The #1 issue to JMS's run on Superman.  My title eludes to the fact that that's exactly what Supes is doing.  He of the many superpowers is not relying on any of them and is walking and reconnecting with the people of the Earth.  This is a nice way to show Superman's human side.  He was so separated from them during the New Krypton storyline that this feels like a natural extension of what Supes would do.  It is also a part of his grieving process.  He has lost his people again after trying to save them and reconcile them with the people of Earth.  Zod and Lane saw to that.  He is at heart a Kansas farm boy and that kind of loss will register on his meter of emotion, super hero or not.  Some will want to complain that the story has no action that is worthy of Superman and I'd say that they don't truly understand the character then.  He is the worlds greatest super powered hero and is capable of moving planets but he is as James T Kirk said "the most human of us all".  This story being done by the quite capable hands of J. Michael Straczynski, who has demonstrated the ability to write such stories over and over again only whets my appetite for the next issue.  Can he do this for 10 or so months keeping Superman fans and the new to Superman fans interested?  I'd say yes.  If he can pull on such emotion strings and show this side of Superman then he has found his way to tell "new" Superman stories.  They will feel like a breath of fresh air and keep readers coming back issue after issue.  I raise my glass to this issue and to JMS for bringing it to us! 
Eddy Barrows' art was very good at telling the story that JMS wanted conveyed.  Not every panel was perfect but Eddy is the right choice for this book.  His style gives the book the look that I was hoping for.   
I recommend books that I review often and this is due to my love for the teams that are creating them.  Gray and Palmiotti on Jonah Hex, Morrison on Batman etc, Johns GL, Flash, etc, Simone on the Six and BOP, Fraction on Ironman, etc  Now Superman with JMS at the wheel looks to be another great comic book that I will recommend monthly.  I enjoyed Robinson's run and wish still that he was allowed to actually write a Superman story and not just a Kal El story.   This book and series comes very highly recommended. 

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